From Pain to Power


PREFACE:   There’s an epidemic of domestic violence in the United States that’s protected by SILENCE. For many years I contributed to the silence by protecting a terrible secret; that I had been an abused wife.  By not talking about it, I never realized how many other people, including several of my relatives, were also being abused. I thought I was alone.  I thought that if I worked hard enough, I could keep my husband happy, and our marriage would be successful.   (continue to read in my book “From Pain to Power”)

My wish and hope are that this book will touch other women and those suffering in SILENCE.  I did not seek out to be a spokeswoman for domestic violence.   I am much more comfortable on a basketball court than on a stage.  BUT I realized that if talking about my experiences could help others, I had a responsibility to do so.  Here is my story.
Thank you for your support!

Blessings,  Ruthie Bolton


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